What a time to be alive!

Not today….by no means. Today is completely messed up. I meant Dec 7, 1987, What a time to be Alive!

First, lets start with the Boston Bruins. On Dec 3, 1987 one of the coolest moments in Boston sports history took place.

On that day the Boston Bruins retired, Hockey Hall of Famer, Phil Esposito’s #7 to the rafters of the old Garden. The only issue was that 7 was being worn at the time by (then superstar) Ray Bourque. What to do, What to do?! Bourque, being arguably the classiest player in Boston sports history, gave up the number he had been wearing for 10 seasons to honor Esposito. He revealed, his now famous, #77 that he would wear until he retired in 2001. The crowd was shocked, Espo was shocked, former teammate Derek “Turk” Sanderson was definitely hammered in the TV booth.

AND I WAS THERE. OH How  I remember it…. sort of vaguely. I mean I  was in 2nd or 3rd grade. The Bruins played the Rangers that night. I believe they won. My father and I were late to the game and missed the entire ceremony. It wasn’t until the news that night and the Boston Globe the next morning did we find out what happened! Good times!

As a fan of the game and especially Ray Bourque, this was always a special night. Something like this could never, ever take place in todays world. With social media every donkey with a twitter account wants to ‘break the news’ first. Name a planned event at a sports game in the last 6 years that wasn’t leaked in someway or another. Name One!!

Moving on….

Dec 7. 1987. A short 4 days later the world was introduced to one of the greatest competitions in TV History. For it was on this date, exactly 30 years ago TODAY that MTV premiered ….

Remote Control The game show that took place in Keith Obers ‘basement’ pitted 3 contestants against each other in a quiz style format. Instead of buzzers, contestants had remote controls. Instead of a game board, they would gain control of the TV!. Once a players was eliminated his reclining chair would flip backwards, throwing the contestant off stage. They would have snake time, where contestants had to put a bow on their heads as food fell from the ceiling on them. Remote Control helped young comedians, like, Colin Quinn become mainstream. The biggest star to come from Remote Control was hands down Adam Sandler. He would make regular appearances to ask questions, always in a character. His most famous and beloved character was, ‘The Stud Boy“.

Although Remote Control only lasted from Dec 1987-Dec 1990, it will always live forever in our hearts.

There you have it. 30 years ago this week. What a time to be ALIVE!

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