In Praise of Larry Legend

December 7, 1956

It was a frigid day in southern Indiana but the light of the gods was shining bright. Georgia and Joe Bird welcomed a son into the world. Larry Joe they decided to call their boy.

As mother held child the angels sang.

“Unto this world I bestow thee, a boy who will become leader of men. A man who will alter fate, defy logic, accomplish feats never before attempted. A man with vision beyond the ordinary, who sees things before they happen, who knows things that can not be known.”

Troubles lay ahead for the young boy but perseverance was embedded in his soul. The easiest path was not the one taken. He would make his own roads, find his own way. And he did and that road led to The City on a Hill.

In this City Larry Joe would become Legend. He would unite and lift and carry the hoards to victory time and time again.

His stay was brief but his legacy endures and The City was forever altered. The hoards still rise to pay homage to the Legend and on this day, the day of his birth we say our Thank You.


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