The Next Stupid Thing- Invisible Box Challenge

I’m not a negative guy most of the time. But when it comes to a few things, I can be downright hateful.

Nothing gets me riled up quite like stupid things going viral and becoming a “challenge”. Planking…Mannequins…the kid dancing waving his arms side to side…all so stupid. My god, I CAN’T STAND IT!!


The worst part is, when these people are referred to as “Internet Star” afterwards. What? Star? I’ve put more content into the interwebs than any of these jamokes…we have thousands of page views…visitors from THIRTY-FOUR countries…and these talentless hacks are called “Stars”. Please…these are the modern day Stupid Human Tricks. You’re all at 14:59 (and ticking) of your 15 Minutes.

The latest installment of idiocy has blown up in the past few days thanks to Texas High School cheerleader Ariel Olivar. It’s none other than the Invisible Box Challenge.

Apparently this started over the summer, so Ariel is not fully to blame. She even says “challenge accepted” in the tweet. She didn’t do anything but execute this “challenge” flawlessly and tweeted it out…she didn’t know it would blow up. She also didn’t have to perpetuate something as moronic as this, but in fairness, she’s a teenager and thus allowed to make bad decisions.

But hot damn, if she didn’t end up on Good Morning America and live in Studio on the Today show (eh…I’m going to refrain from the low-hanging fruit here), “explaining” how she did it. HOW SHE DID IT???? Watch the damn video. If you can’t figure out how she did it, you’re a moron.

Is it easy? No. Not a chance I could pull it off. But being difficult doesn’t make it a “thing”.

It’s difficult to put a sock on with one hand. It’s difficult to open your front door carrying several shopping bags in both hands. It’s hard to make a decent Hollandaise. If I can do those things can I go on television and “explain” how I did it?!?!?!

For those who want to point out that by writing this very post, I’m perpetuating this thing and thereby being hypocritical….whatever. I reserve the right to be hypocritical.

By the way, if the Today show picks this up, and invites me on tomorrow, you know I’ll absolutely be there!

Le Cap



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