Happy Birthday Finland!

Dec 6, 1917, a day that will live in (Finnish) infamy!

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Finland declaring Independence from Russia. At the time Russia was going through the Bolshevik  Revolution and the ever opportunistic Finns saw their chance to get out.

The movement for Independence was led by…you guesed it……. Pehr Evind Svinhufvud!!!


P.E. Svinhufvud would go on to be the first Head of State for Independent Finland. He would later serve as Prime Minister from 1930-1931. Unlike most wars for Independence, there actually was no war with Russia over the issue. P.E. and his crew literally went to St Petersburg and ask Vladimir Lenin for it, and he gave it to them, hesitantly ..but still. Look at that death stare!!! Id give it to him too.

In honor of P.E and his beautiful country here is a list of great Finnish Athletes!

Tanja Poutainen. 

Retired Slalom and and giant slalom skier. Won a Silver medal at the Torino games in 2006 in the Giant Slalom.


Teemu Selanne

Recently inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame, Selanne is arguably the best Finnish hockey player in league history. Broke into the NHL in 1992-1993 and scored a rookie record 76 goals. He holds the record for most overall goals in Olympic Hockey history.  and the Finnish Flash is responsible for one of the coolest celebrations of all time.


The list of accomplished Finnish athletes could go on forever, however I would be remiss not to end this piece by recognizing the great…..

Eero Lehtonen 

Who could ever forget his heroics at the 1920 Olympic games competing in the pentathlon, the long jump and decathlon. At the  1924 games he competed in the pentathlon and the 4 x 400 relay.  Not that I have to remind everyone, but Lehtonen won Gold in the Pentathlon at both games.


So Happy Birthday Finland or as they say,  “Hyvää syntymäpäivää Suomi.”


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