Alex Cora, You Sonofabitch!


So Alex Cora is taking heat before he even gets to Spring Training as manager of the Red Sox. The impetus of the criticism is a piece by Evan DrellichSELRES_6c17fc2e-b060-4975-8ef7-8fecc1705df0SELRES_358b66ca-70a7-4a55-b76a-756959315343SELRES_358b66ca-70a7-4a55-b76a-756959315343SELRES_6c17fc2e-b060-4975-8ef7-8fecc1705d, detailing a couple of incidents after an Astros return flight to Houston.

Apparently there had been some boozing going on, and the music was a little loud on the bus. The team broadcaster- dude, seriously, you’re the broadcaster- told Cora to turn down the music on the team bus. Cora, in turn, cursed him out, and I can assume told him to go back to his seat and shut the hell up because he’s the broadcaster and not part of the team. Probably threatened to shove him in a locker too.

Apparently once the bus ride was over, manager AJ Hinch tried to diffuse the situation and Cora went off, swearing at him.

Talk radio jocks and TV talking heads are having a field day with this one. The real Hot Stove has been slow to heat up, so this story is blood in the water for them. I get it. And hey, it’s a great story by Drellich. Such a great story, that apparently the Red Sox didn’t even know about it, and they HIRED the guy.

But my reaction is:

Calm down you bastards. That’s how the real sons of bitches talk in the big leagues!


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