Russian News continued….

As Le Capt already reported….The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced today that the Russia Olympic teams will not be allowed to participate in the Winter games this February in South Korea. This coming after the Russian athletes have basically failed every drug test given to them in the since, well the beginning of time. A 14 person panel had been examining Russian Olympic teams since the Souchi games 4 years ago. The claim is that athletes were part of a wide spread, government sponsored, doping operation.

As a result of this ban, no Russian officials will be allowed to attend the games. Their flag will be excluded from any display, and if any “clean” Russian athletes are given permission to attend, they won’t be competing under the Russian flag. They’ll compete under the name “Olympic Athlete from Russia” (OAR) and the Olympic flag, any medals they win won’t be credited to Russia and the Olympic anthem will be played in any ceremony.” -yahoo.

This was not the first time that Russia was threatened with being banned from the games. A committee tried to get the Rooskies out of the Rio games as well.

A few take aways from this announcement.

  1. Who else will compete now with the US for medal count? It is pretty standard procedure that the U.S and Russia are always at the top when the games are over. Now, the games now have become as competitive as U.S national softball  game vs (insert any country here.)
  2. My prediction of a Russian mens Ice Hockey gold has now gone out the window!
  3. Who is our big rival now?? Im looking at YOU, NORWAY!!!! Yea, I see you, trying to behind your weird obsession with trolls and those crazy sweaters you all wear. No on actually likes nordic skiing, you’re up to something there.

Here at HTTA we spear no cost at making sure all our stories are well fact checked and thoroughly examined. After doing some research I have found pictures of two member of this years Russian Women’s Olympic Luge team….so maybe the IOC was on to something.

50747.jpg        928952_752049454904575_58252555_n.jpg


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