Huge Development in Ongoing Russia Investigation

This is not the Russia news I expected to see.


Not to say that this is a total surprise. I mean, Rocky IV spelled it out for us pretty clearly.


Unsurprisingly, the Soviet Tradition of State Sponsored doping is still alive and well in current-day Russia. This just goes to show you that any good independent investigation can turn up dirt where there is any.

While Russian athletes stand to lose on this deal (they may be able to compete independently, yeah right, Russia will allow that) this is an exceptional benefit to the handful of other countries in the world who actually have a chance at taking home a couple of Winter Olympics medals.

The Winter Olympics are just plain weak. 90% of the events were designed specifically so countries with mountains and no good actual athletes could get shiny medals too. Case in point, as soon as too many countries figured out how to ski, they added snowboarding.

And Biathalon…don’t get me started on that shit. That is not a sport that is happening anywhere, ever, outside of the Olympics.

I do dig Curling, but purely ironically, as the only athleticism required is being able to sweep and not fall down.

Don’t @ me about figure skating either…I know it’s popular. But it’s because of the costumes and music, and the fact that someone could fall at any moment. Nobody cares about it other than that.

Well, congrats to Canada, Norway, and Sweden….this is a great victory for you!


Le Cap

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