Hi-Topper Top 5 – Best U2 Songs

Some people are saying that U2 released a new album recently (and not one that automatically got sent to everyone’s phone). I prefer to pretend that U2 stopped making albums in 1995 and is just a touring act.

Anywho I’m no U2 super fan but even a casual music listener knows about 20 U2 songs by heart. Their catalog is just staggering. So here’s the Lil’ Dogg’s picks for Top 5 Best U2. As always this list is the absolute end all be all and no further debate is necessary:

5. Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live)

“This song is not a rebel song…” Just an all-time moment in music history. Not much else to say.

4. Two Hearts Beat As One

Underrated early years gem from the Irish lads. From their first great album War. New Years Day and Sunday Bloody Sunday we’re bigger hits but Two Hearts is the best song of the bunch.

3. Pride (Rattle & Hum version)

U2 has a couple of songs where the live version just absolutely destroys the studio version. This is #1 on that list.

2. Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

Achtung Baby is U2’s best album and probably one of the all-time Top 10 rock records. Any song from Achtung could be on this list but Wild Horses is my pick.

1. Bad

You probably won’t find any other list where Bad even makes the top 5 but from this pup it’s #1 with a bullet. Quintessential Shimmering guitar from The Edge. Classic Bono vocals. It’s the embodiment of U2 as a band. It’s just a perfectly U2 song, no gimmicks, no tricks, no chasing fades, just U2 being U2.

That’s it. That’s the perfect Top 5 U2 songs lists.

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