Top 10 Songs of the Year (just not the year 2017)

It’s December, which means just one thing -no, not the Holidays – it’s officially “Top 10 ________of the Year” season.

It’s time to take a look back at the year that was and decide which stuff was the best.

Let’s start with Music. Music in 2017 SUCKSSSSSSS. Hey maybe Lil’ Dogg is getting old or something (I used to be cool) but I haven’t heard a “new” song that sounded like anything other than a wet fart all year (or like ten years) so instead of pretending I’m still hip and listing a bunch of songs that are actually terrible and nobody will even remember in 6 months, I will instead list 10 really great songs that this pup enjoyed in 2017 cuz they’re Damn Good Songs. Presenting:

Lil’ Dogg’s 2017 Top 10 Damn Good Songs (they won’t be all Dead songs I promise)

10. Grateful Dead – Althea

A perfect gateway drug song if you’re looking to get you or someone else into the Dead and let’s face it you really should.

9. Tom Petty – You Don’t Know How it Feels

Obviously losing Tom Petty was shocking and dare I say heartbreaking but it did bring his timeless tunes back into the public eye. This jam is not one of his most famous but certainly one from his solo days that sounds great in the car cranked up to 11 with an all-time sing-a-long chorus. RIP Tom.

8. David Lee Roth – Goin’ Crazy

The Hair Metal years get a mostly deserved bad rap but there are some real gems and the first DLR solo album was a 2017 discovery for the Lil’ Dogg. Obvs the only version of Van Halen that counts is the Diamond Dave years but his solo stuff with Steve Vai is dare I say just as good but with a decidedly Dave-centric feel. This tune just rocks.

7. General Public – Tenderness

80s New Wave is the greatest genre of pop music and it’s not even a debate.

6. Haircut 100

Same as above. Haircut 100 is the best.

5. Grateful Dead – Scarlet>Touch of Grey>Fire

There’s 100s of Scarlet>Fire’s out there but this one with Touch Grey in the middle is my favorite. Yes this song is 30 minutes long and not one second is wasted.

4. Guns N Roses – Paradise City

I hear there’s some zombie version of GnR still touring but if you want the real deal you go back to the source. Best video ever made? Yes. Best video ever made.

3. Motley Crue – Without You

Is this song better than the six above it? No absolutely not. But I both forgot it even existed yet knew the entire song by heart lyrics and guitar licks the instant I heard it for the first time in 20 years. That is a testament to the power of 1980s MTV. Also Motley Crue is secretly the best Hair Metal band and it’s not even close. Eff of Bon Jovi.

2. Tears for Fears – Mothers Talk

The most slept on Tears for Fears jam in this pup’s opinion. Pure banger.

1. Queen – Death on Two Legs

Freddie Mercury rightfully gets all the plaudits but Brian May was a MONSTER on the the guitar and this song is the definition of rocking the eff out.

That’s it. Facts is facts and those are the 10 best songs of 2017. Who needs “new” music anyways?

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