Lunch Break Preview – Celtics vs Bucks

The Celtics host the Bucks tonight in what is the third meeting already between the two teams in this young season. They’ve each won once.

The whipped cream on top of this particular delicious matchup is that this will be the first time Boston is seeing Milwaukee with Eric Bledsoe. The Bucks are 8-3 since the trade and really starting to click (4-1 in last 5) especially on the defensive end.

How do you solve a problem like Giannis?

Short answer – you can’t. The Celtics gave up 37 and 28 respectively to the Freakiest Greek around. The league’s #2 scorer is going to get his buckets, no doubt about that. But as Coach Stevens has proven in the past (*cough* Devin Booker *cough cough*) the Celtics don’t really care how many points one individual gets. Team D is the name of the game. Pressure shooters and no easy looks.

Rebounds. Rebounds. Rebounds. The Bucks rank first in Offensive Rebounds. Keeping Milwaukee from easy points off put backs and second chance threes will be crucial. Boston needs to control the glass.

Shooting. Shooting. Shooting. As the shooting percentage goes so goes the Celtics. Overall Boston had a decent afternoon on Saturday with one exception – Terry Rozier going 1-6. The Celtics will need bench production from Rozier. Marcus Morris has been great off the bench though I could see him starting tonight with Bangers moving to the second unit. Which would mean even more of the scoring load shifting to Smart and Rozier.

Prediction – Bucks 98 Celtics 107

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