Eli Manning’s Streak

The NY football Giants fired their Head Coach and General Manager today. One day after the coach played Geno Smith over Eli Manning this ending Manning’s consecutive games played streak at 210 games.

Brett Favre holds the NFL record at 297.

People are now up in arms that Manning’s streak was broken by a coach that got fired the next day:

The Official Hi-Top Stance on Games Started Streaks is thus – they are the stupidest doggone thing in sports. Please pardon my cussing.

A hit streak, a win streak, a TD streak – these are examples of cool streaks. Impressive streaks.

Starting a game consecutively is not a cool streak. It’s not an impressive streak.

Playing in consecutive games is a fraud streak as well.

Cal Ripken’s streak is a joke. A) He sucked for like 10 years and somehow batted .340 at age 38. Jeez wonder how he managed that in 1998???? B) It could be extended with 1 at-Bat. He could roll out of bed and stand at home plate with the flu if need be. I don’t consider that “playing” in an actual game.

Correct me if I’m wrong here but you’re supposed to show up to your job every day.

The Hi-Topper HQ doors open promptly at 6 AM every morning and you better believe the Lil’ Dogg is there, fancy coffee in hand looking around the ol’ HQ and taking stock.

You don’t win awards for just showing up.

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