Catching up

Let’s catch up on what we missed over the weekend with Big, Bad Bruins.

First. B’s had another solid performance on Saturday as they Shut out the Philadelphia Flyers 3-0 in Philly. Tuukka got his second win in a row in the shut out and….don’t look now, but the Bruins have won 5 out of their last 6 games.

Did I have this team pegged all wrong?? Are they actually…gulp…GOOD? If Im going by recent games then yes, they are good. However, I don’t want to get too ahead of myself. With players coming back from injury the Bruins could be a team that will surprise a lot of people.

Let’s see if they can keep this ball rolling as they head into Nashville tonight.

On another note, this past weekend marked the Bruins turn to take part in one of the newest and coolest trends in the NHL…take your dad to work day! Every year each team allows their old mans to tag along on a road trip. They fly on the team plane, get a jersey with their kid’s, well their, name on the back and everyone has a good time. DQODWsKXUAUemX9.jpg-large.jpeg

Since I have nothing really ground breaking or too interesting today…Here are some good ole fashion fights to entertain you!

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