Gronk’s Cheap Shot

Well, folks, the Patriots just keep rolling, with a 23-3 victory over the Bills in Buffalo. Ho hum. As unbelievable as it is to be a fan of the Pats, they really have become incredibly boring to talk about. There are only so many times you can point out that they’re doing everything right.

Well today provided us with something to talk about….Gronkowski.

The TE, who I firmly believe is the greatest player at that position in history, put together a dominating performance today, 9 for 147, and this highlight reel catch:


But the real story was his cheap shot on Bills d-back Tre’Davious White.


Completely unnecessary and CHEAP play by 87. What is that, dude? So weak. Now, he apologized and admitted he was frustrated, but he should be punished for this one. Wouldn’t be surprised if he saw a 1 game suspension- which would really hit him hard, since he has playing time and performance incentives.

As with any Patriots story, there are no shortage of yahoos on social media and the airwaves twisting themselves into pretzels to justify the play. I’ll leave it up to you to find the specific nut jobs if you want. But the basic themes are: He was being held…he never gets calls…what do you expect him to do….

My favorite part about this one is, Coach Bill also thought it was a punk move…calling it a “bullshit” play when he met the Bills’ coach McDermott at midfield.

So what do the yahoos do? Defend Gronk? Stick with the coach?

My guess is, they’ll create a narrative where Bill actually liked the play but just apologized for show, and because the league would target him and unfairly punish him if he didn’t.

I love Boston, and I love the Boston teams, but the yahoo-ism is just overwhelming.





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