CFP Committee got it Right!

I am one to say it, so here it is….I. TOLD. YOU. SO. Being so right all the time is hard work.

The decision to roll with the Tide over the Buckeyes was a controversial one for sure, but is the correct one.


Of course, I’m biased, as a big ‘Bama and Saban fan. But there is a great objective argument here too.

Alabama has one loss, on the road, in a rivalry game, to the #6 team in the country. Ohio State has two losses, one of which was to an unranked Iowa team…who beat them by THIRTY-ONE POINTS!!!

To those touting “Conference Championships” as some type of pre-requisite…well, for the second straight year the CFP Committee has told you that you’re wrong.

When it comes to Alabama, they finished in a tie in the SEC West. Well if LSU (who beat Auburn) had beaten Miss St in September, there would have been a 3-way tie, and Alabama would’ve advanced. So, by virtue of the SAME EXACT season, they’d have been in the Championship game, and that somehow makes them more worthy? Because of some unrelated team winning a game in September??? Just highlights why making conf championship a pre-requisite is a crazy bad idea.

Sorry, I like to remove randomness, luck, and things out of the teams’ own control whenever I can. Conference Championships are part of the body of work of the teams, should be given weight, but there is not, and should not be any single pre-requisite for selection.

The committee delivered on their stated goal…the four best teams in the country are playing for the sport’s championship.  The best argument against Alabama is that you hate them, and they are there all the time. I respect that, I do. But, nobody really cares about your feelings.

And now, an #underdog, and well-rested Alabama team sets its sights on another championship. Nice work by Saban…didn’t have to play an extra game, and still got the job done. #genius #shinglebyshingle


Le Cap



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