World Cup Group of Death

Every four years all of the world’s eyes not located in America turn to the largest sporting event in history – The World Cup.

For the uninitiated, the World Cup is a soccer (football) tournament played by teams composed of “citizens” of individual nations around the world. The fuzzy logic beyond who is eligible to play for what country is a whole issue I’ll choose to avoid at this time.

Most of the pre-tournament talk always centers around which of the initial 8 Groups of countries is the “Group of Death” i.e. which four team group contains the strongest teams and poses the most difficult challenge of advancing to the Knockout Round (only the top 2 teams in each group advance).

The 2018 Groups have just been announced today:

So which group is the Group of Death:

On the surface Group F appears to contain 4 very strong teams. However there really is only one Group that fits the “Death” bill:

Group A obviously.

Would you want to be stuck in Russia playing against Russia with Putin sitting in the stands?

The German back line D is cake compared to what ol’ Putty will do when he’s angry.

T’s & P’s to all the dudes on Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Uruguay. Good luck.


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