The Future of Sports.

When you think about a ‘Pro Athlete” most of us think about a person who is in top physical condition and can perform athletic skills at an incredible high level. Whether it’s at an NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, Soccer or Olympic level athletes are usually very impressive humans.

Well not anymore! I have seen the future of sports…..and its GLORIOUS!

Welcome to the world of ESports! That is E as in Electronic. Yes, Video game playing is now and apparently has been for sometime, a real thing. Think about how great this is!!! No more ACL or MCL injuries, no more concussions, No more actual SWEATING!! Just some sore thumbs and your mom yelling at you in the basement to, “turn that thing off and get a real job” every now and then! Its awesome.

For years I have been wondering what is the ceiling for lazy our society can reach …and we have found it!

Watch how exciting this action is!

WOOOOOOHHHHHH. I mean, does it get any better than that! Did you see those moves! This is some serious shit here.

You think Im joking and this ISNT the way of the Future. Check out the opening ceremony from the League of Legends in South Korea from this year.

YEAAAAAA!!!! What is more ESport than having a fake dragon at the opening of fake “sports” event! Just incredible.

I guess I have 3 questions.

  1. Where do I sign up?
  2. Who is the athlete, the player or the character? I mean the player is controlling the character, but the character is the one who is actually in harms way….with emanate death always staring at him.
  3. Is their beer league Esports? Can I get a competitive league going with my buddies, drink beer and play games??? Yes we have all played video games with friends, possible having a few cold ones at the same time. But that was just killing time and handing out. NOW its a sport and I cant get yelled at by Mrs. Mitts to stop playing!

Still not convinced ESports is the Future? Then why does the “World Wide Leader in Sports” ESPN have an ESPORTS tab at the top of their website??? (I shit you not, this is actually real).

Screenshot 2017-12-01 09.25.32.png

Just so you know how real this is, According to (again a real thing) the highest grossing E Sport “team” is called Team Liquid who has earned over (gulp) $17 million. Wait….what?!


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