Justice Served Hot, Kodi Style

Hi-Topper Nation I have an announcement. The Lil’ Dogg’s heart has been stolen. And the culprits are a bunch of real devils – Sun Devils to be exact. This pup has fallen and fallen hard for the ASU Sun Devils basketball team. Take a gander at these fine fellows:

The Sun Devils are led by all-time Dookie Bobby Hurley and let’s just say this pup has a love-hate relationship with Mr. Hurley that I spent all 4 of his years at Dook loving to hate him. But my respect he does have and he also has this year’s ASU squad off to a 6-0 start where they’ve scored +90 points in every game. If there’s one thing College Hoops desperately needs its a fun uptempo team and the Sun Devils are just that team.

Also they have a dude named Remy Martin. Bonus – he’s rockin’ crazy hair.

But the real star is the one and only Kodi Justice. If we’re going to compare him to past white guys and well of course we are because that’s what you are legally required to do with white basketball players, I’d say he’s more Rex Chapman than Jimmer or the Land Shark.

Kodi is a long skinny nerd looking dude who likes to shot and serve his brand of Western Justice (see what I did there) with some flare:

Ok so it’s not exactly flare, in fact I’m not sure what Kodi brings to the table, certainly not swagger…more like nerd confidence or something but I LOVE IT. Anybody will to flex with that skinny ass frame is someone I want to roll with.

Peep the highlights from Kodi’s career performance in ASU’s win over KSU:

The Sun Devils look to keep their undefeated streak going this Saturday against San Francisco and urge all of Hi-Topper Nation to jump onboard the Sun Devil Train and let Conductor Kodi lead us all on a Wild West ride through the College Hoops season.

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