Happy Birthday Bo

Bo Jackson the GREATEST ATHLETE IN AMERICAN HISTORY turns 55 today. To celebrate we present:

Top 5 Most Freak Athlete Bo Moments

5. Bo is Spider-Man

Bo on a dead sprint literally scales the outfield wall. Mind blowing then and still mind blowing now.

4. Bo tries to call time

To go from mentally thinking you’ve called time to then adjusting to the pitch and not only hitting it but jacking a homer is just…

3. Bo Jackson was FAST

The 91 yard run on MNF is legendary because basically every sports fan in America tuned in to MNF back then and the whole country collectively gasped as Bo turned the corner and took off like a rocket. If twitter had existed this run would have made twitter explode.

2. Bo Breaks Bat

A lot of baseball players break their bat. All of them do it over their knee. Bo does it with a flick of his wrists OVER HIS GOD DAMN HEAD.

1. Bo Trucks Boz

Ok so this may not be Bo’s actual most impressive athletic moment but it is his culturally most iconic moment. Two guys with a ton of hype colliding and Bo looks like a man running over a little kid. The Boz never had a chance.

Bonus Bo

Bo robs HR

Bo hits All-Star Game bomb

Iron Bowl Bo ( God I miss the Wishbone)

Bo being the greatest running back ever

Happy Birthday and Long Live Bo. You inspired and gave unlimited joy to an entire generation of sports fans. Thank you.

Tecmo Bo Forever

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