Bruins recap. Defeat first place Lightning.

Great game last night at the old (well new) Garden. The high scoring Tampa Bay Lightning, led by NHL leading scorer Steve Stamkos, came to Boston looking to take advantage of struggling Tuukka Rask.

To quote Herb Brooks….and by Herb Brooks clearly I mean Kurt Russell, “If we play them 10 times, they may beat us 9. But not THIS GAME, NOT TONIGHT”.

Ok, thats a little much for a November game, however this did show that the Bruins can beat the leagues big boys. That is saying a lot seeing that they have a team of young, inexperienced players, a struggling #1 goalie and one of the biggest early season injury bugs ever to hit the Hub. (Did you know that David Backes has a portion of his intestines removed 20 something days ago and played last night).

Speaking of Tuukka..finally gets back into the win column by stoping 19-20 shots. The defense led the way by getting goals from Torey Krug (GWG) and Charlie McAvoy (G and A).  Brad Marchand had 2 assist in his first game back from injury.

Speaking of McAvoy, he is going to be the next defenseman superstar for the Bruins. The kid is a stud and should only be a Junior in College. You heard it here first, McAvoy for the Norris in 2022!

(Not last night, but still a pretty sweet goal).


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