An Unranked List of Coach Tirades

There is word that Herm Edwards is in line to become the head coach for the ASU Sun Devils. I’m not too sure how Famed Sun Devil Rod Tidwell would feel about this hire.

Herm hasn’t coached anywhere since 2008, and his only stint in college ended in 1989. As a head coach he had a 56-78 record, and his finest coaching moment was this extremely quotable episode at a press conference.




Now, I know every blog in America has done the old trope- “10 Best coach-manager meltdowns”. Why? Because people love them, and they get clicks.

But we don’t need to do what everyone else does. We are innovative. Which is why we are presenting rants without ranking them. Boom! Mind blown!

These are just my personal favorites, and should be a couple that aren’t as familiar to everyone.


Lee Elia, Cubs Manager-

This seems to be a little lesser known, but it is my absolute favorite. The saltiest language. He insults his own fans. Calls them losers for being able to go to day baseball games, and not working. It’s just vicious.


Mike Gundy  “I’m a Man, I’m 40!!!”

The man now known for his mullet executes a class A rant here.  uses the newspaper as a prop, he is stalking back and forth at the podium, yells and points directly at reporters while lecturing them, drops the money sound bite, then storms off to a round of applause from an undoubtedly confused press corps.


Jim Mora-  “Playoffs?!?!”

A simple google search will give you a handful of Jim Mora rants, he’s the gift that keeps on giving. So I had to put him in this post somewhere. This one is the king of them all, for the all time money line.

Jon Chaney vs John Calipari

I remember at the time hating Chaney after this, but looking back on it, I’m sure he just knew Coach Cal was a scumbag, and decided to storm into his press conference, call him out, and threaten to kill him because of it. Mad respect for Mr Chaney.


Earl Weaver  “Manager’s Corner”

Earl Weaver is a legend, and this clip is just unbelievable. This is a radio show taking questions from fans, and he just lets loose on them with obscenity filled tirades, and then ends with a “Go Fuck Yourself”….wow. Would be fired before the end of the segment if that happened today.



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