NFL QB Paradox

There’s been a lot written…well more like hastily tweeted…about the names of the quarterbacks starting in the NFL this upcoming Week 13:

Well Hi-Topper HQ did some digging and we were able to pry up from the dusty record books the names of a few gentlemen who threw passes in Week 13 of the 2007 NFL season:

Sage Rosenfels, Trent Edwards, Kellen Clemens, Tyler Thigpen, Luke McCown, Josh McCown, Kyle Boller, John Beck, Derek Anderson, T. Jackson (listen Lil Dogg doesn’t have the time to look up all these bums full names so let’s just guess Taylor???), Vinny Testaverde…..wait you’re telling me Vinny effing Testaverde was still getting trotted out to fling passes in Week 13 of 2007 but we have a QB crisis NOW?!?!?!?!???

This “QB Problem” is the absolute height of Internet recency bias. The NFL HAS ALWAYS had more mediocre quarterbacks than good quarterbacks. It’s the most mentally AND physically demanding position in sports. There’s always talk about the poor quality of pitching in Baseball, well imagine if those same pitchers had 300 lbs freak athletes also trying to rip their head off while they went into their wind-up. Yeah makes things a little tougher doesn’t it.

Do most QBs in the NFL stink right now? Yes but so did they 10 years ago and ten years before that and 10 years before that….


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