Bruins game day. Feeling nostalgic

The Bruins are back at it tonight to host the Tampa Bay Lightning at the Garden. Tampa is only the best team in the league so far this season. They lead in every offensive and goaltending category…so what could possibly go wrong.

Having been reading all our posts, Ive been getting a little nostalgic for the ‘good old days’. Since I am ONLY allowed to write about hockey, Le Capt and Lil dog are tyrants, I wanted to do a list of my own. Here are my top 5 , therefore the final word, best Bruins players from the 80’s and 90’s not named Ray Bourque or Cam Neely.

5. John Carter 

Woburn, MA native won the NCAA National Championship with RPI along side Adam Oates. He played for the Bruins over the course of 6 season before heading out to San Jose, where an eye injury ended his career. Carter racked up 74 pts as a Bruin. So why is he on this list? Because, Ive literally seen him take his (now prosthetic) eye out of his head and put it in someone drinks. Then go, “Oh, thats mine. Thanks”, and shove it back in his head. The guy is a local legend. He also once went through my phone to get my sisters number and ask her on date behind my back….but thats a different story.


4.Randy Burridge

Stump, as they called him, was the man while in Boston. He was basically Brad Marchand before Brad Marchand. Small, fast, tough, hard to play against. He was the player that everyone hated playing against and everyone wanted on their team. Plus, he had a wicked aggressive goal celebration pump! Not to mention he once fought Patrick Roy.


3. Vladimir Ruzicka

Rosey Ruzicka was the big Czech star before Jaromir Jagr came on the scene. Actually, in the ’92 playoffs Rosey said he would not let Jagr out do him (not exact words). So how did that work out? Penguins eliminated the Bruins and Jagr won his 2nd cup in two years and is now 2nd all time point leader behind on Gretzky. But thats neither here nor there. In his brief 2 and a half year stint in Black and Gold, Ruzicka put up 132 points in 166 games. Plus, look at that stache at the beginning of his video!


2. Rick Middleton

Middelton reached one name status among Bruins/NHL fans…Nifty! Nifty played 12 season in Boston and scored 898 points. Not really sure why his number isn’t retired here yet. I mean that seriously, why isn’t it? His stick handling set him apart from all others and led to a new, more skilled style of player.


  1. Andy Moog

There were two types of Bruins people…..Reggie Lemelin fans or Andy Moog fans. You couldn’t be both.  Andy Moog was the flashier, more athletic of the two goalies. He came to Boston from the Edmonton Oilers, where he won the Stanley Cup 3 times (’84,’84 and ’87). He also went back to Cup finals with the Bruin in ’88 and ’90….ironically losing both to Edmonton.


Although not the biggest goalie ever, pretty sure Le Capt could score on him.  he was a ton of fun to watch and cheer for. Reality is that in 2017 Andy Moog would never play in the NHL, but he was a childhood favorite!

Best part of going to a game was after every save the crowd screaming MMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGGG!

He also had his own song! Moog Vogue


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