NBA Thoughts – The Big Man Renaissance has Begun

The last few years of the NBA has been dominated by so-called “Small Ball” line-ups – multifaceted guards and forwards who could play fast and play all over the court. The more flexible the better. Line-ups where your biggest guy is 6-8 and your “center” spends more time at the top of the key than the low block.

Well the Lil Dogg is here to official declare “Small Ball” is OVER. Let the Big Man Renaissance begin.

Last night Andre Drummond absolutely BULLIED the Celtics on their home court.

The Celtics had no answer for Drummond’s physical domination. And now that he’s conquered his Achilles Heel of shooting free throws…yikes. Watch out Eastern Conference.

Except that around the East there’s a bevy of Big Men doing Big Things.

The Sixers Joel Embiid has shown stretches of total brilliance including another 30 pt game last night in a loss to the Cavs:

In New York a 7’3″ 🦄 shots 3, dunks on people, defends the entire court, and oh yeah has moved like this in his arsenal:

And don’t forget about the Greek Freak who may play like a 6’5″ swing man but is listed at 6’11” and probably has a 7’6″ wingspan. The dude is so looooong he makes KD look like a smurf.

Now these guys are not your traditional Ewing, Hakeem, Kareem type center big men and that’s what makes this current Big Man Renaissance so amazing. These guys can dominate physically and still stay on the court against the teams playing “Small Ball” because they can all run and get up and down the court and also spread the floor when needed.

All hail our new gigantic sized NBA Overlords.

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