The Tide Has Turned: But should it

Lots of infighting in the HTTA offices this weekend, and this time it’s about the College Football Playoff. Truth be told, Lil Dogg and myself fight about this every year. I’m not going to speak for The Dogg, but to sum it up, puts a lot of weight into being crowned Conference Champ. I look at it on a case by case basis, but my ultimate reasoning is, I want the best four teams in the country to be the ones to have the shot at the title, and really don’t care about much else.

Le Cap roots for dominant teams. I generally want the best team to win the title. As it stands today, I think Alabama is one of the best four teams in the country- actually I think they are THE BEST- and thusly, should absolutely be one of the four.

My arguments are pretty straightforward:

One Loss

They are a 1 loss team, with their lone defeat coming in their rivalry game, on the road, against the #6 team in the country. Look at the 1-loss teams ahead of Alabama in the AP poll. Oklahoma– they lost to an unranked 3-2 (now 7-5) Iowa State team at home. Clemson lost to Syracuse, a team who went on to lose 5 straight to close the season, and who’s second biggest highlight this century was playing in the first bowl game at Yankee Stadium.


Alabama did not win the SEC West, by virtue of tie-breaker, as they and Auburn finished with identical 6-1 Conference records, and Auburn won the head to head matchup. LSU, was one game behind, having beaten Auburn, losing to ‘Bama, but also lost to an unranked Miss St team. If LSU had beaten Miss St in week 3, it would have created a 3-way tie, which would’ve seen Alabama advance to the SEC title game. So Bama, having had the same exact season, would’ve been “worthy”, but isn’t now because of something that happened 2 months ago to an unrelated team?

Divisions and conference titles are in place for one reason- producing fat stacks of cash for old white guys on the backs of college kids. Let’s not attach any more importance to them.

Body Of Work

This wasn’t Alabama’s most daunting schedule, they had favorable SEC East opponents, and the SEC as a whole, wasn’t the dominant Super Conference it has been in the past decade-plus. Their signature win, a dominating performance over FSU, has lost some luster because Deondre Francois was injured at the end of that game, and lost for the season, sending FSU down the toilet. But, Alabama was dominant right up until the Iron Bowl, never really even being in danger in a game before Auburn. For every minute from August until 3:29 PM on Saturday, they were the consensus “best team in the country” and nobody else was close.


Look, this is all going to be moot, because everything always falls into place for Saban and the Tide. Ohio State will beat Wisconsin, and Bama will end up in the playoff, having had a week off to rest, and it will piss off the Lil’ Dogg, and all the other Bama haters out there. I shall await their rebuttal……


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