Lunch Break Preview – Pistons at Celtics

The Celtics host a solid Detroit Pistons team tonight in what will be Avery Bradley’s first trip to Boston as a Piston.

Let’s be honest here – a little bit too much is being made of Avery’s return. There’s talk of tribute videos and what not. Bradley was a Celtic for what, 7 years? That’s pretty good and all in this day and age but his tenure was at the tail end of the Pierce/Garnett run and was littered with extended injury spells. Don’t get me wrong, he was a good Celtic and deserves a nice standing ovation for his time in Boston but we are not talking about Bob Cousy here. It was one thing when a big-to-do was made for Pierce but he won a Title, player here way longer and will go up in the rafters. Avery Bradley ain’t at that level. Not even close. Facts is facts.

Moving on, the Pistons are 7-3 in their last 10 and have shown some real flashes of good-not-greatness. Once again it will be a tale of whether the Celtics show up wearing their shooting shoes or not.

The damage the Celtics inflicted in the first half against the Magic last week shows what this team can do offensively when the buckets are splashing. Of course no one can shoot lights out every night and no one expects Marcus Smart to go 7-8 every night either but the Celtics need to find that middle ground more consistent like they did against the Pacers Saturday night. 56% from the field and +40% from behind the arc are not unattainable goals on a nightly basis. I think all anyone wants is some shooting consistency – positive in nature of course.

Prediction – Pistons 89 Celtics 93


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