Counter-Counter Point: Bama

Dogg, we can argue opinions all day long. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

Saban might be the greatest coach in the history of College Football. If you don’t like rooting for him, that’s fine, but you must bow to his excellence. Maybe you prefer a more affable coach, like Les Miles, who couldn’t coach….. Oh, sorry, I ran out of time before completing that sentence, in true Les Miles fashion.

And, as long as we are judging teams on one game, I’ll go ahead and pick the LSU game to judge Auburn on.

What about Clemson? or Oklahoma? Shouldn’t ‘Bama be ahead of those two teams?

Those are matter of opinion, but here is the one fact I have over you….if LSU beat Miss St in Sept, Alabama is going to SEC Title Game, and, according to your argument, would then be “worthy” of being in the CFP. How can a team, who “has not looked the part all season”, suddenly go from “stinks” to CFP-Worthy, by virtue of nothing they themselves did???

(Lil’ Dogg’s post below)




The Tide may be rolling in but it stinks something awful like a late Saturday afternoon at Revere Beach.

Rooting for Nick Saban and Alabama is like rooting for Darth Vader…actually no Darth Vader is kind of cool with the voice and the helmet and stuff…rooting for Saban is like rooting for Emperor Palpatine, just a miserable bag of wrinkly skin standing around complaining.

And sorry Le Cap but facts is facts and Alabama is NOT the best team in the country and simply does NOT DESERVE to be in the playoffs.

Yes they only have 1 loss. But it was more than some fluke, bad day loss. It was a complete domination by Auburn. And Bama has not looked the part all season despite Le Cap’s foggy recollections. Bama should have lost to Miss State themselves. The same team that Le Cap so callously disregards for having beaten LSU.

The rest of Bama’s schedule is CupCake City University. They simply do not have the resume to be considered a top 4 team HAVING LOST THEIR OWN DAMN CONFERENCE.

Conference titles have to mean something otherwise what’s the point of playing games at all????

If the games you play and win or lose don’t matter then just look at a spreadsheet of each team’s roster on September 1st and declare a “Champion”. That way we can be sure the “best” team doesn’t get screwed by the pesky problem of losing actual football games.


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