Remembering the Sweetest Moment in CFB History

Today is Iron Bowl Day. That means a heck of a lot more in the state of Alabama than anywhere else but nonetheless the rivalry has produced some great games and I will argue the absolute sweetest moment in college football history.

Le Cap may disagree here but this pup thinks there’s almost nothing greater in sports right now than seeing Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban eat a tasty slice of Humble Pie. And on November 30, 2013 Saban ate the whole damn pie.

Auburn ended up losing in the National Title Game to FSU but I’m pretty sure there’s a large contingent of Tigers fans who couldn’t give a flying eff that they lost the title cuz they were still celebrating beating Bama.

To see the oh so great Saban losing to Bama’s number one rival on a play that should never have happened, the irony, the sweet sweet irony is just too tasty to believe.

And almost as good as the kick return itself were the scores of heart-crushing Bama Fan videos that flooded the internet post game. If there’s anything better than Saban eating Humble Pie it’s the whole Roll Damn Tide Nation getting served a big ol’ slice:


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