NBA Rewind – GIF Roundup

Hello Hi-Topper Nation. Start your Saturday with all the best highlights from last night in the NBA in one convenient place courtesy of your friends at Hi-Top.

Celtics 118 Magic 103

So when the C’s actually hit shots they drop 70 in a half.

Kyrie making the entire Magic team look silly:

Over and over again:

Terry Rozier knocking down shots finally:

Warriors 143,000 Bulls 5

For fans of swishes and stuff:

Steph is better at shooting a basketball then you are at anything else:

Cavs 100 Hornets 99

LeBron Triple Double. Cavs eeek our win:

Heat 109 Wolves 97

KAT so good but Wolves still Wolves’n:

Pacers 107 Raps 104

Underestimate Lance at your own peril Toronto:

Hawks 116 Knick’s 104

Dennis Schroder is a star, mark it:

The Best of the Rest


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