Lunch Break Preview – Magic at Celtics

The old streak is over. The new steak starts tonight.

The Celtics host the Magic after what I’m sure was a nice restful Thanksgiving for a Celtics team that was really put through the ringer emotionally and physically during the 16 game win streak that captured the basketball world’s attention.

Now it’s back to basics and fundamentals like you know, putting the basketball through the hoop. Right now the Celtics rank 21st in points and 28th in Field Goal percentage. These deficiencies have been hidden during the win streak by the fact that they also rank 1st in opponents points per game. When you outscore your opponent you win – that’s Day 1 stuff for all of you new to the game. But take a look at the top three teams in the entire league in PPG – the Warriors, Rockets and Cavs – just so happens those are teams one two and three in terms of title contenders so there’s something to be said about how many points your scoring.

So it would be nice to see a large number of Celtics players have a good shooting night all at the same time, but most specifically the bench guys – Rozier, Larkin and Smart. Too much has been said and written about Smart already so I’m going to focus on the two back-up PGs. One of the two has to emerge as the go-to second unit leader/scorer because Marcus is just not that type of player and never will be. If either Rozier or Larkin doesn’t rise up then GM Mastermind Ainge needs to find someone else who can fill that role.

As for the Magic, well they are who we thought they are not who we thought maybe they weren’t. Translation – they still stink.

Prediction – Magic 89 Celtics 96


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