NBA Mystery Investigation – Klay Thompson Building Inspector

Lil’ Dogg Private Eye back on the scene of yet another unfolding NBA Mystery Investigation. Let’s get right to the case:


Is Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors Shooting Guard, secretly working as a Building Inspector in the off season.


Mr. Thompson was recently interviewed by a local New York City TV News channel about scaffolding on NYC streets and sidewalks. Lil’ Dogg PI has used his extensive undercover contacts to obtain a video of the alleged interview. Here’s the tape:

Mr. Thompson shows a surprising knowledge of scaffolding as well as a keen interest in the subject. Notice the use of industry terms such as “piping” and “new”. These are not words the average non-Building Inspector would use in everyday conversation.

Potential Motive

Mr. Thompson has shown he has wide and varied interests off the court throughout his career. A known intellect who spent a considerable amount of time in China recently, Mr. Thompson is curious about the world around him. And what is around him more than buildings and building materials? It’s only natural that he would develop a personal connection to the subject.

Verdict – Guilty

Mr. Thompson, I have seen your true colors. You are indeed a secret Building Inspector and the next time I need my house inspected you will be my first call.

Lil’ Dogg P. I.

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