Hi-Topper Guide to Making Cash on Turkey Day

Thanksgiving means two things – Turkey and Football.

But what if we throw in a third – Cold Hard Cash.

As the tryptophan kicks in and you start drifting away on the couch while the kids scream and your wife complains about cooking AND doing the dishes ya lazy bum, we want Hi-Topper Nation to be dreaming sweet dreams of Point Spreads covered and Overs hit with ease. So we kindly present to you the Official Hi-Top Turkey Day Betting Guide:

Vikings (-3) at Lions – O/U 44.5

Both these teams put up points so HAMMER THE OVER big time. I think the Vikings take this but it will be close, probably right on the spread. Nobody likes a PUSH so I’d just avoid a pick out right and put all your eggs in the OVER basket.

Chargers (-1) at Cowboys – O/U 48

Both these teams STINK like 💩 and their defenses are doubly STINKY 💩💩 so I think we’re looking at a Texas sized score line here. HAMMER THE OVER. Look for Dallas to snap their two game losing streak here, the smart play is the HOME DOG. I don’t have the stats in front of me but I’m reasonably confident a Turkey Day Home Dog has never lost*

*Disclaimer – You really should look this up yourself.

Giants at Washington (-7.5) – O/U 45

Both these teams really really triple STINK 💩💩💩. Look for a ton of mistakes that lead to a ton of punts. Actually I wouldn’t suggest watching this game at all. Find a nice movie on cable, curl up on the couch with your Sweety and thank her for cooking and doing the dishes while you napped on the couch ya lazy bum.

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