Film Session – Friends Thanksgiving Football Game

Holiday themed episodes are a Sitcom TV staple. Thanksgiving has been a go-to as far back as Ozzie & Harriet and Father Knows Best in the 1950s ( no pesky religious stuff to deal with really helps). And no sitcom went to the Thanksgiving-themed well more than Friends, who batted 10 for 10 in cramming in a Turkey Day episode into each and every season on air.

In Season 3 the gang played an epic contest of Thanksgiving Football. Your buddies at Hi-Topper HQ have taken a long hard look at the all-6 game film and are more than prepared to present the Top 5 takeaways from the game:

5. Rachel invented the “DeSean Jackson”

Rachel Greene is ridiculed throughout the entire game. She is repeatedly told to “go long” and basically ignored by both teams. In the game deciding last play she is left open by the Guys. Monica reluctantly throws her the ball and…she makes a great catch. Look at Rachel’s form:

Rachel proves everyone wrong by making a smooth two handed grab with her hands, no cradling, no pining it against her chest like Ted Ginn. Just a confident snag.

She then of course got a little too excited and spiked the ball before crossing into the end zone. This was 1996, a full nine years before the first DeSean Jackson incident, which occurred in a 2005 US Army High School All-American Game. So Eagles fans you really have Rachel to blame for all those DeSean Jackson induced freak outs you had to endure.

4. Monica got Game

Monica Gellar is a known obsessive compulsive perfectionist so it’s no surprise her technical skills and form are top notch.

Just look at her shoulder level on this tackle:

Driving with her lower body, knees bent, head up and to the side, just textbook stuff from Ms. Gellar.

3. Ross Keeps Catching L’s

Ross is the WORST. That’s a pretty universal opinion right there but the way Joey shakes & bakes him with the old ball fake is just really classic Loser Ross. Perfectly sums up who Ross is. He’s the dude that falls for an over the top ball fake to no one.

2. Ross is the WORST Part 2

Take a good look at Ross attempting to hold the ball for a Chandler kickoff:

It’s a given that in any pickup football game inevitably some tool wants to kick or punt instead of throwing the ball like a normal person. I have no doubt that Ross suggested actually literally kicking off here. But I really want to point out is the way he is teeing up the ball. Why is he extending his foot up? The ball is like ten inches off the ground. Of course Chandler is going to kick his leg. He’d have to side swipe the thing to actual land his foot on it. Jesus Ross act like a normal human one time. ONE TIME ROSS.

1. The Girls Won

The last play of the game is arguably the most controversial play in backyard football history. Rachel makes a great catch then according to the guys, spikes the ball just short of the actual decided upon end zone (pulling the afore mentioned “DeSean Jackson”) which is then deemed a fumble. A scramble ensues. Take a look at the frame by frame:

Clearly Monica gets to the ball first. I believe possession is then established. Her knees are already down so as soon as she gets hands firmly on the ball it’s hers. She’s already in the end zone so therefore touchdown girls.

The Gellar Cup rightfully belongs to Monica.

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