Weekend Winner

It was a wild few days in the world of Sports. We had streaks continued. We had Presidents bickering with Sports Fathers. We had wanna-be Heisman contenders acting like spoiled brats. There was a lot happening but as always there can only be one Weekend Winner. And this past weekend your winner is…

Crass Commercialism

Who doesn’t love when something fun and entertaining is turned into a CASH GRAB šŸ’°šŸ’°šŸ’°šŸ’°šŸ’° by any and everyone looking to make a fast buck.

Well Sports Fans the beloved Miami Hurricanes Turnover Chain has reached epic CASH GRAB status.

You want a replica chain, we have several to choose from:

Okay so you’re probably thinking what’s wrong with a few enterprising entrepreneurs make some money off a fade right? I just want a fun T-Shirt.

That’s all well and good but you know for damn sure the school is gonna get in on that sweet sweet merchandise revenue. So you better get yourself an officially licensed NCAA approved Turnover Chain Tee:

“I don’t wear T-Shirts but I really would love an official Turnover Chain Theme Song.”:

“But what about me – I don’t wear T-Shirts or listen to music but I do love sushi.”

Never fear Sports Fan. If there’s one thing in this crazy world we can all still believe in, it’s if there’s a way to ruin something fun we’ll make it happen.

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