Lunch Break Preview – Celtics at Mavs

Hi-Topper Nation, while you’re scarfing down that Tuna fish sandwich and stinking up the break room, do some light reading and get hyped for tonight’s win #16 against the Dallas Mavericks.

Seemingly the Mavs are entering the NBA tankathon sweepstakes this year having only 3 wins in their first 17 games, so on paper this should be a Celtics cake walk.

However the Mavs are coming off a big win over the Bucks where they shot 50% from the 3, hitting 19 triples and fueling the win. So far this season the Mavs have been consistent bottom dwellers in terms of Team Offense Rankings so the 111 Point outpouring sure reads like an outlier. If your game plan is to take 40 threes a night and hit 50% well good luck with that against the Celtics and their lock down three-point D.

The only real highlight for the Mavs this season has been the occasional flashes of brilliance from top pick Dennis Smith Jr. And I stress “occasional”. Otherwise Harrison Barnes is propping up the Mavs Offense and Dirk is well, just sort of propped up. He’s there but I think we all know he should have hung up the laces two years ago.

On the C’s end, look for a bounce back game from Rook Jayson Tatum, who had a tough (by his standards) shooting night against the Hawks. Same for Marcus Smart who took some heat for his offensive play in Atlanta though his contributions in other areas have been well documented. It would be good to see Smart knock down some early shots to though.

All signs point to the J-Train continuing to chug along. His confidence has to be sky high right now after back-to-Back stellar efforts. Choo-choo.

Prediction – Celtics 96 Mavs 83

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