Crusty Bob’s Boston Dead Shows Review

A little bit about the Lil’ Dogg you might not know Hi-Topper Nation – the Dogg is a huuuuuuge Dead Head. Big time. Tie-Dye running through the veins. Unfortunately this pup wasn’t able to attend either of this weekends Dead & Company shows in Boston.

You may be thinking, “Hey that’s not the real deal Grateful Dead so who cares”. Well yes but despite all the initial reservations in the world, Mr. John Mayer has endeared himself to the Faithful quite well and while no one could ever replace Saint Jerry, Mayer isn’t trying to and has done an admirable job paying tribute to and celebrating the Dead’s timeless jams.

So while I was not physically at the two Boston shows I was of course there in spirit. And I’ve enlisted fellow Dead Head and Strange Trip legend Crusty Bob to take a look at both night’s set list and give his thoughts.

Night 1

Night 2

Crusty Bob’s Take:

Hey there, yeah so like ummmm first off it’s all one song man you know so I don’t like comparing but I’ll do my little brother the Dogg a solid and yeah Night 1 had the boys really digging in to the jams. Scarlet>Fire to open Set 2. It’s no Barton Hall 77 but what is right? The spirit of Jerry was coming though the youngster and Bobby is still Bobby. The boys were cookin’.

Night 2 was just as good. Heavy on the early 70s vibe which is cool, really sweet Dire Wolf and nice Drum>Space jam. That boy Mayer can play his axe I’ll say that.

It’s not the same without Jerry of course but the tunes are still the tunes and once you’re on that Dead wavelength it’s all about the music man. Just sitting back and let those jams take ya away.

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