All Aboard the J Train

giphy (1)

“The choo-choo train left right on time

A ticket costs only your mind

The driver said hey man we go all the way

Of course we were willing to pay…”

The J Train is an express with only one stop and that’s the 2018 NBA All-Star Game.

We aimed too low when we said we wanted the J Train in the Dunk Contest. The man deserves not only a spot in the Sunday night Main Event but a STARTING SPOT.

Name a better Small Forward in the East right now. It’s okay I’ll wait……..Couldn’t think of one huh.

The J Train is the spark, the engine that’s powering the Celtics right now. Kyrie Irving had a great Fourth and Tatum was nice in the Third though he struggled the rest of the game but it’s Jaylen Brown’s steady hand that’s leading the team right now. Look at this efficiency:

We expect nights like this from Kyrie. It’s what he does. But having Jaylen emerge as a legit 25 Point Guy is HUUUUUUGE.



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