“The man whose booty-shaking madness once made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech”*

‘sup… Benny Gloves checking back in.

No way could HTTA have a Miami Week(end) and we not mention the man himself. In fact I am surprised it took this long. I guess Le Cap and the Dogg must be sleeping in. But ya boy Benny is here to pick up the slack and honor Luther Roderick Campbell aka Luke Skyywalker, aka Solo Luke, aka Uncle Luke, aka Luke.

While Luke has lived a pretty public life here are 3 things you may not have known:

1)Campbell was not an original member of 2 Live Crew and they were not originally from Miami. 2 Live Crew originated in California. Campbell brought them to Miami as a concert producer and then began to manage them and inserted himself into the group as their hype man.

2) His Luke Records label was originally named Luke Skyywalker Records. The name was changed after George Lucas filed suit against it for infringing on the Star Wars character.

3) In 2011, Uncle Luke ran for Mayor of Miami Dade County. His platform included making housing projects safer, transparency, and taxing strippers. He finished 4th out of 11 candidates.

Bonus Fast Fact:

The lyrics to Luke’s parody song “Pretty Woman” can be found in every major law library in the USA. After Supreme Court Justice Souter attached them to his (unanimous) majority opinion of the Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music case. By the way, just like the U, Luke won too. This case established that a commercial parody can qualify as fair use. Give them a read some time and imagine Justice Thomas’s thoughts.

Uncle Luke has certainly made his mark on society whether as an entertainer or a social commentator/critic. His crusades for free speech are probably only matched by his frequent battles with the hypocrisy of the NCAA and his love of Miami.

So as we keep Miami Week(end) going, And for establishing parody as a fair use (Pretty important to us here at HTTA, I’d say) Mr. Luther Roderick Campbell you are 💯 HTTA approved.

P.S. My prediction:

The U 100 whoever they are playing 0

P.P.S *headline quote from the Miami New Times


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