Who the Hell are these guys?

We are a solid month and a half into the NHL season and apparently the Bruins are so bad, that the boys didn’t get around to bringing on a hockey guy until now. There are still some questions about the Bruins that have yet to be answered, and for my first post, I’m going to ask them without providing many answers.


First, what kind of team are they? They open the season beating the defending Western Conference Champions, but then lose 2 to Colorado, the NHL’s version of U2. They were once great, now everything they do is awful!

MATY4080.JPGThe injury bug hit the B’s before the season even started….very difficult to pull off by the way. David Backes missed 13 games with diverticulitis…I’ll wait while you Google it too…..

David Krejci missed 11 games due to back issues. And the list goes on and on. If and when everyone is healthy will this be a playoff team?

Second, Literally Who the Hell are theses guys??? We all know Bergeron, Marchand, Chara, Krejci, Tuukka and a few other guys who have been around for a few years. But looking at the roster is like looking at a middle school year book. They have 13 players who are 25 years old and under. Most are rookies that no one has ever heard of before!!! Am I suppose to get excited seeing a team of unproven baby face kids?

Whatever, Go B’s!

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