Hi-Topper Ratings – NBA SuperStars Signature Dunk – Dominique Wilkins

Every NBA Superstar has their own unique signature dunk. It’s the slam they go to on an open fast break or an undefended flush in the lane. It’s a know it when you see it jam and pretty much every star has one.

Hi-Topper HQ spent hours analyzing the film, breaking down the physics and the angles, the body posture, the grace or lack thereof. This is about beauty, about what looks cool and what doesn’t. We’re talking in-game dunks only here and we’re using our patented Hi-Topper 13 point scale and judging on 3 Categories –

Difficulty – How hard is it to pull off this jam in game?

Style – How smooth is this dunk? Do you immediately want to watch a replay?

Posterization – Would you hang a poster of this dunk on your bedroom wall?

We’ll be looking at SuperStars past and present. Let’s get to it:

Dominique Wilkins – Windmill Jam

The Human Highlight Film’s signature slam was the Power Windmill. Now ‘Nique had several variations of this dunk, both two-handed or one-handed and varying degrees of windmill arc, but two things were always consistent – ‘Nique always jumped with two feet for his windmills and they were all full of POWER. ‘Nique was a Power dunker no doubt about it. He had style and grace and looked damn good but his truest asset was his unrivaled strength. His flushes came down like Thor’s Hammer.

Difficulty – 11 – The Windmill is underrated in terms of difficulty. You need height AND hang time to ensure you have enough time and space to get full arm rotation. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, worse in terms of a dunk FAIL then getting stuffed by the front of the rim. And the chances of a front rim stuff increase dramatically with the Windmill.

Style – 10 – The rewatchability of a ‘Nique Windmill is very high. There’s so many different things to focus on that you really need a second, third, fourth look to catch it all. How low did he bring the ball? What’s he doing with his legs? Where did he takeoff from? How much did the rim bend?

Posterization – 12 – If you didn’t have a Human Highlight Film poster on your bedroom wall in the late 80’s then you just weren’t doing it right.

Overall Score – 33 out of 39


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