Hi-Top Merch!!!!

The Holiday season is fast approaching and if you are a #RegularGuy like we know you are than we know you know SHOPPING IS THE WORST!

Don’t worry Hi-Topper Nation we got you!

We have T-Shirts:

Damn! $12.95!!!! Double Damn!!!!

You want Sweatshirts with a dope 80s style logo:

That’s a fresh sweatshirt right there folks.

How about a tank you ask? Damn skippy we got tanks:

I bet you don’t have a baseball Tee, Lil Dogg, you say. You’d lose that bet bro:

All logo style are available in a variety of colors and on all apparel items.

Get ’em while they are Hot Hot Hot. Be the freshest gift giver and give the gift of Hi-Top or just Treat Yo Self and buy one of each to make your wardrobe extra dope.

Everything is available at our Hi-Top Athletics Threadless Shop:


Happy Shopping!


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