Code Red Press Release- Major Announcement

Well, it’s not THAT major, it’s kind of major…maybe like a Code Crimson Press Release. Either way, we have an announcement.

For Immediate Release:

From the desk of Le Capitaine

Hi-Top Table Athletics is committed to providing unique coverage and takes on sports and nonsense, with a specific focus on Boston sports. We know hockey is a sport, but have recently become aware that the local team is still in fact, around. We also know that there is no more passionate Bruins’ fan base, than an angry Bruins fan base.

With that, we welcome Silky Mitts – which he has informed me is a hockey term- to the team. You’ll be seeing stuff from him starting very soon…so if you like hockey, or being miserable about hockey, keep an eye out for his stuff. We keep building #shinglebyshingle and Silky is a great shingle in the stack…or whatever, I’m lost in the analogy.

As always, if you think what we’re doing sucks- or as in this case is ignoring an entire sport- write something for us.

Le Cap.


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