‘Canes Week(end): UVA Game Preview

There has been a lot of excitement around the Celtics this week, but at HTTA HQ we felt there is a team out there that needs some more attention from us. So, we’ve decided to make it Miami Hurricanes Week(end).

The U

The #3 Ranked Miami Hurricanes are great for college football. We all know that Saturdays are for football, and love ‘em or hate ‘em, football is so much more fun when THE U is in the mix.

They are great for business too- this week’s #1 rated post (and it’s not close) is Lil’ Dogg’s post about the Turnover Chain. The people got a fever, and the only cure is, More ‘Canes.

Honestly, though, this doesn’t surprise me. Beyond the history, this team has a lot going for it.

They don’t have a Heisman trophy candidate, no real superstar. But the ‘Canes don’t need a star player to have sizzle.

They have a proven coach rebuilding #shinglebyshingle.

They have South Beach. And, most importantly, they have The TURNOVER CHAIN.

What a stroke of genius that friggin’ chain is. Sex sells, and the chain is downright sexy.




Now, we shift focus to this week’s matchup. The question being asked nationally about this game is, will this Virginia game be a letdown?

That would make a lot of sense. The Hurricanes already have their flights and hotels for the ACC Championship game. They’re coming off a huge statement in their Back to the Future matchup with ND. They’re probably just kicking it at Tootsie’s waiting for Clemson, right?

This Virginia team aren’t world beaters, but even when they’ve been worse than this, they play the ‘Canes tough. The last time the Canes had a truly decisive victory was a 2009 whooping, 52-17. The ‘Hoos played Lamar Jackson tough last week, and while we love Malik Rosier, he’s no Lamar Jackson.

The bottom line is, though, none of that matters.

Virginia’s offense, 84th in points, is just no match for the ‘Canes D. Miami is a top 10 scoring defense and ranks #2 in the nation in Turnover Margin. We just don’t see these Wahoos putting even a scratch on the Hurricanes bandwagon, and The U has more than enough firepower to keep the party going another week- and hopefully that means more clicks for your boy.

We’re thinking something along the lines of 2009 here…. 45-15 ‘Canes.




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