Break Room Cheat Sheet

We here at Hi-Topper HQ aim to please. We know that you know that you need to know what we already know. And you need to know it first thing in the morning because everyone needs something to say in the Break Room. Just a quick quip about whatever’s being discussed so the Office knows you’re a Team Player – Very important to be an Office Team Player and Hi-Topper Nation, we got you.

So Here’s one or two tidbits about any and everything from last night that you can throw into any Break Room convo:

Celtics beat Warriors

To the C’s Fan: What a win bro. Can you imagine if we had Hayward too. Oh man.

To the Warriors (bandwagon) Fan: I’m not worried dude. Just an off night. I think Steph was sick or something.

Thursday Night Football

Big Ben’s still got it. And I got Antonio Brown on my Yahoo team. Big fantasy points. Gonna take that title this year.



(Nobody talks hockey in the break room)

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