You Heard it Here First



Days like today make me pumped that the boys and I set out to build this thing #shinglebyshingle .

A lot has happened in the 30 days since we’ve been up and running. We’ve had THOUSANDS of views, tons of positive feedback, and most importantly we’re having a good time writing about whatever the hell we want, whether anyone is reading it or not…but they are. So thanks for that.

I also think we do a pretty decent job of putting out some stuff that is current and “on topic”.  It seems like everyday we see posts on other platforms about stuff we’ve already posted earlier…it’s confirmation of what I already know. We kinda know our shit.

Occasionally you realize that you’re ahead of the game too, as I discovered today. This season, I have seen references on social media, in (digital) print, and on several radio shows to Al Michaels’ gambling references during Sunday Night Football games. This year isn’t the first time it’s ever come up, but it’s really become “a thing” this year.

Well, Hi-Toppers…should you ever doubt that we have the pulse of the people, let me direct your attention to a little Facebook memory that popped up this morning:

MIchaels tweet

Note the date…3 years ago, your boy had this take. Three years, and the talk radio jockeys are making references to it NOW? Chumps. By the way, I stand by the Musberger portion of this take. I used to hear him openly calling for late meaningless pick six’s for the backdoor cover.

You can see now, why I’m so happy to have this forum. I get to use 250 words to just tell you how right I was!

Seriously though, I hope you like what we’re doing. And we’re always looking for new takes, so let us know if you have what it takes…which isn’t much.



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