Hi-Topper Ratings – NBA SuperStars Signature Dunk – LeBron James

Every NBA Superstar has their own unique signature dunk. It’s the slam they go to on an open fast break or an undefended flush in the lane. It’s a know it when you see it jam and pretty much every star has one.

Hi-Topper HQ spent hours analyzing the film, breaking down the physics and the angles, the body posture, the grace or lack thereof. This is about beauty, about what looks cool and what doesn’t. We’re talking in-game dunks only here and we’re using our patented Hi-Topper 13 point scale and judging on 3 Categories –

Difficulty – How hard is it to pull off this jam in game?

Style – How smooth is this dunk? Do you immediately want to watch a replay?

Posterization – Would you hang a poster of this dunk on your bedroom wall?

We’ll be looking at SuperStars past and present. First up The King. Let’s get to it:

LeBron James – 1 handed side sweep cradle jam

LeBron’s go-to fast break flush is a one legged jump, one handed sweeping power jam.

Difficulty4 – There’s nothing technically difficult about this dunk. Your average 8 year old in their PJ’s could pull this off with ease on a 7-foot Jammer. The power generated is impressive but overall very low level dunk.

Style – 5 – Do I immediately want to watch this dunk again? No. It’s standard far and elicits no more than half hearted eyes raise.

Posterization – 8 – LeBron fairs slightly better here. In photos the cocked back cradle looks pretty nice.

Overall Score – 17 out of 39


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