NBA Rewind – Lord Embiid

Breaking News from the Hi-Topper West Coast Bureau –

Joel Embiid has been declared the Overlord of Los Angeles. All residents of Los Angeles County must now declare fealty to Lord Embiid or face penalty of death by dunking. Loyalty to their new Lord must be sworn by noon today. Dissenters will be rounded up and posterized at the Staple Center.

Joel Embiid owns Los Angeles. Days after dropping 32 and 16 in a win over the team formerly known as Lob City, now known as Sob City, Embiid followed up that stellar performance by destroying the Fake Show, formerly Lake Show, with a career high 46 points and 15 rebounds.

Embiid was also 2-3 from behind the arc and had 7 assists and 7 blocks, a performance unequalled by a Sixer since the Doctor held practice over the court in the early 80s.

Peep the full range of Lord Embiid domination here:

The combination of physical prowess and basketball I.Q., long promised through this, dare I say “process”, is finally bearing fruit on a nightly basis for Lord Embiid.

As he did on Monday night, Embiid once again cracked the 30+ minute mark for playing time, which given his history is arguably the more important aspect of the Lord’s back-to-back game feats.

A consistent healthy Embiid is not only the Sixers fans’ dream it’s the dream/nightmare of all basketball fans.

I’m not calling this Hakeem-esque but I’m not not calling it Hakeem-esque either. What I will call it is borderline unguardable for 100% of the League’s bigs.

Then you throw a Euro-step into the mix:

All hail Lord Embiid.

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