Lunch Break Celtics-Warriors Preview

Those Warriors may have made it back to Coney Island but the ones from Golden State are gonna be facing a lot tougher competition than some baseball bat clowns or roller skating punks.

The matchups:

Masked Avenger vs Chef Curry

Curry is listed as probable for tonight’s game and it’s hard to envision him sitting out this test if he’s good to go. In head-to-head matchups, Curry edges out Kyrie in wins 14 to 8 but Irving has the slight scoring edge – 24.6 to 23.9. Kyrie has shown the ability to score big against the Warriors having put up 30+ five times in his career. But don’t expect a huge scoring output tonight. Irving is all about growth this season and I envision Kyrie sticking to Coach Stevens’ game plan and getting the whole team involved. Even if Kyrie has a physical advantage over a hampered Curry expect the Warrior to compensate with extra help D, freeing up looks for other Celtics.

Celtics D vs Warriors Weapons

The biggest underlying reason behind the Celtics current 13 game win streak and overall form so far this season is the improvements on the defensive end of the court. These Celtics are longer and stronger than last year’s model. Obviously Golden State are match-up nightmares for every team in the league but the C’s are in a far better position than last year to throw multiple looks/players at the likes of KD and Thompson. Much has been written about the improved three-point defense of the Celtics and that D will certainly be put to the test tonight. Three-point Shooting could very well be the difference maker.

The Rook

Jayson Tatum opened his NBA career against LeBron James and the Cavs and he’s certainly been no deer-in-the-headlights so far in his short NBA life but tonight will be the next greatest test for the impressive rookie. Tatum’s play could very well determine the outcome for the C’s. If he stays in his lane and continues his efficient shooting, contributing 15-20 points while not getting completely dismantled on D, things look bright for Boston’s chances tonight.

The X Factor – Dray Dray

Draymond Green gets up for the big games and this is certainly the most hyped match-up of the early NBA season. Which Dray shows up will greatly factor into the Warriors success. High energy in control Draymond can be the difference between a win and a loss tonight.

The Verdict

It’s hard not to read too much in to this contest between the NBA’s two premier teams but it has to be stated that this November, both point guards are banged up and in the grand scheme of the season it really is just one more game. But expect the intensity level in the Garden from the fans at least to be Playoff Level and I can’t see that atmosphere not rubbing off on the players.

Celtics 108 Warriors 102

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