Code Red Press Release – Celtics beat Warriors

Ric Flair said it best, “To be the Man you gotta beat the Man.”

Well the Celtics just beat The Man. WHOOOOOH!!!!!!!!

And they get the W on their terms. They fought and scrapped and came back from a 17 point deficit. They overcame poor shooting, a fairly lackluster to be honest Kyrie game, though he did turn it on in the Fourth as expect. Marcus had himself a night but not in a good way and Tatum finally looked like a rookie.

But in the end they gutted it out and defeated the supposed best team in the NBA.

This team!!!! This team!!!!

Hi-Topper Nation in a world with so few heroes, where everyone seems to disappoint, this Celtics team is a cut above.

These 12 men, these 12 men are special.


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