Oh Grayson My Grayson

So Grayson Allen, the Dookiest of current Dookies, prodigal son of Coach (show some class, not my players – your players) Kyreshvewuskiss, had himself a night against the #2 ranked Michigan State Spartans.

Facts is facts, the guy hit his shots last night including 7-11 from behind the arc. 37 points in a College game is nothing to sniff at when it isn’t completely inflated by meaningless free throws.

So this isn’t a mean spirited takedown of Mr. Allen in any way but I would like to take a magnifying glass to one play in particular:

Here we have ol’ Grayson hitting a dagger three from the top of the key. Just your normal three-point shot, everything appears to be a-okay until…

…you’re twisting weirdly why…

…and what is this now…

…and why is he squatting…


You’re having a great night, your #1 ranked team is beating the #2 ranked team, there is no need for you to be doing weird jump shot theatrics.

Is he trying to draw a foul? Cuz the defender is like two feet away so not really happening Grayson.

Maybe he really does have body control issues like he claimed after the 52nd tripping incident last year? Can a highly accomplished athlete also be a flailing mess with the coordination of an awkward 12 year old going through a growth spurt?

So many questions here but just one answer – Be a normal human Grayson.


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