NBA Rewind – Embiid Dominates, 76ers Win

All the best from last night’s NBA action.

Today I’d like to focus on one game in particular from last night:

Philadelphia 109 LAC 105

The story here is Joel Embiid. But the story is not his 32 points or his 16 rebounds. It’s the fact that he played 36 minutes. That’s an actual, honest to goodness full NBA game for Embiid.

And what did he do while playing a full load of minutes (besides the above mentioned double-double), he DOMINATED the low post.

Here’s DeAndre Jordan’s stat line from last night:

DJ is considered by many to be the #1 Big Man, traditional Center, in the League. Certainly the top Defensive Player.


2 points. 6 fouls. Bye bye 👋 👋

And the back up Center Willie Reed fouled out too!

That’s pure domination on both sides of the court by Embiid.

This next level futuristic Big Man player is what we dreamed of when Embiid entered the League a million years ago and it’s finally happening.

Can Embiid sustain this level? Obviously that’s the question and I’m sure he won’t be playing 36 minutes every night but it’s nice to see that on the big occasions, against the League’s heavy hitters the Sixers are giving him the opportunity to show what kind of force he can be on the court.

And oh yeah, while you were watching Embiid make DJ look like a chump, Ben Simmons was casually posterizing fools again and again and again:

This team. Trust the Process indeed.


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